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200T Crane Lifting Bridge Beams at Jimboomba QLD


200Tonne Crane at Churchbank Weir

Another Successful Bridge Installation, Lifting 31Tonne Bridge Beams with the 200Tonne Crane at Churchbank Weir


Right in the heart of Brisbance city.

Our 200T Crane and 25T Franna lifting and positioning a pre-assembled plant room in Queen Street Brisbane.


Sugar Silo Lift


Bum Bum Creek Bridge Construction for FKG Civil Contractors

On the 13th of January 2014, Mann’s Logan Crane Hire commenced the construction of FKG’s Bum Bum Creek Bridge, North of Crows Nest. The bridge, after two weeks of haulage carried out by Marschall Group Transport and 11 ensuing days of construction by Mann’s Logan Crane Hire, measured 50 metres, with a total project value of $6.8 million. Mann’s Logan Crane Hire operated their 80T Grove All Terrain crane to lift each of the bridge decks out of the onsite stockpile, while their 160T Demag All Terrain crane was employed to erect the bridge. Despite the weight restrictions of the existing bridge and the resulting one sided, limited access for the cranes to the construction area, our personnel proceeded with the skill sets and determination that we so often demonstrate in order to get the job done. With that said, we again invite you to consider Mann’s Logan Crane Hire for an innovative and comprehensive solution to all of your lifting requirements.


Sims Metal Project

Sims Metal Project - Mann's Logan Crane Hire

On the 4th and 5th of January 2014, while many people were enjoying the tail end of their New Year’s break, Mann’s Logan Crane Hire again displayed its reliability and dedication to the logo, ‘All Areas, All Hours, All Sizes’. The lifting project, carried out for Sims Metal Limited, was an annual refurbishment of a shredding mill which included maintenance and preventative maintenance work from the feed roller and conveyer system, all the way to the shredder itself. On a year to year basis, this annual refurbishment can result in anything from the replacement of a major part of the mill right down to simply changing a bearing. As is evident in the photographs provided, 2014 brought with it quite a major refurbishment which was carried out by our 160T Demag with all of the efficiency and safety that Mann’s Logan Crane Hire customers have come to know and expect.


The M1 Upgrade

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The M1 Upgrade - Mann's Logan Crane Hire

Beyond the Call and Around the Clock

Manns Logan Crane Hire provided an extraordinary level of service and commitment to the Pacific Motorway Upgrade. Not only did they supply cranes and operators, riggers, transport and other equipment, they also made available to the Alliance a large section of their Kingston depot for use as a storage facility for their road barriers (PCB’S) and associated equipment.

Fast response was required and close coordination with the Alliance (BHA) for the supply of mobile cranes, equipment and labour within the hours they were able to close off sections of the motorway. Manns Logan supplied Franna, a rigging crew and supervisor for the task of installing and removing Road Barriers (PCB’S) on both day and night shifts, and mobile compressor and rattle guns supplied for bolting PCB’s together.

“Almost all the lane changes had to be done after hours when traffic flow was reduced to a minimum for the safety of both the workers and the public. Some weeks we had multiple cranes working throughout the nights, Then a second shift would start the following morning” said Manns Logan General Manager Trevor Rohweder. 

“One challenge was making sure our staff were given adequate rest preiods between shifts. Pre start Toolbox meetings were held to inform all workers of risks involved in that night’s shift. And Strict Traffic Management controls were also put into place to the Alliance (BHA).”

Manns Logan also provides a body truck for transport of anti gawk screens. All cranes and transport were provided as wet hires with experienced operators.

A family owned company with 24 years of experience in construction projects; Manns Logan can supply a complete range of lifting solutions, with cranes ranging from 7 Tonnes up to 160 Tonnes. They offer wet and dry hires for both short term needs and for the haul to both urban and country areas of South East Queensland.

“We supply cranes and equipment to many customers with different needs, including builders, developers, manufacturers, local government bodies and councils and individuals with one off jobs,” said Trever Rohweder.

“The success of our involvement with the Alliance (BHA) on this project was due to clear and precise communication between all parties, and understanding the needs and efficiency required to execute PCB movement for lane changes and barriers, while protecting all the workers in such a dangerous environment alongside a very busy highway.”


Some of Our Recent Projects 

Job / Project

Value of Project

Coomera Anglican College

$ 4m

Mt Maria College Mitchelton

$ 6m

Arethus College Springhill

$ 5.5m

Mt St Michaels Ashgrove

$ 8m



Collingwood Park Shopping Centre

$ 18.2m

Aboriginal Islander Community Health Centre

$ 10.9m



Coles Creek Gympie Bridges

$ 65m

Tamborine Oxenford Rd Upgrade

$ 11.7m

Eastern Pipeline Alliance Kuraby

$ 6.8m

Waterford Tamborine Rd Upgrade

$ 11.7m



St Lucia Bikeway Upgrade

$ 5.6m


$ 35m

Rafting Ground Rd Upgrade

$ 2.5m



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